The pediatric dentistry to be performed is considered to be moderate to complex.  The range of clinical teatment ranges from routine  preventive to complete full mouth extraction for children. 

Treatments include prophylaxis, fluoride administration and varnish application, pulpotomy, pulpectomy, composite restorations, glass ionomers, stainless steel crowns, root canal therapy and extractions.

There are no general anesthesia opportunities for treatment at this time, therefore dental care may be limited or unfortunately denied in difficult cases.

The age of the children treated is from 3 years to 18.  The median age is 8 years old.  Many of the chilren’s teeth development is delayed.

The clinical setting is modern and allows for greater efficiency.  There is the full use of digital radiography including orthopantanograms.  It is possible to perform even more complex restorative and orthodontic treatments.  Since the children do not speak English, we are fortunate to have a nurse to assist with translation and communication.